My Background

I came to homeopathy through the need to find an effective, alternative treatment for my younger daughter’s ear infections. When our GP decided not to give her an 11th course of antibiotics in 11months, I agreed, but was daunted by the thought of how to cope with a child who was screaming in pain with no familiar treatment at hand. The medical system I had relied on all my life had suddenly failed me and could offer no solution to what seemed a relatively simple problem. On a friend’s recommendation, I tried homeopathy and we haven’t looked back. My daughter’s ear infections stopped soon after we began treatment, only recurring once in the following decade, and, as a family, we were gradually liberated from the constant cycle of antibiotics, paracetamol and inhalers.

The experience of having three children with a range of illnesses including asthma, allergies and type 1 diabetes has motivated me to support other families in similar situations and to pass on the benefits we have received from homeopathic treatment. Although no system of medicine can promise a cure for all conditions, I believe that homeopathy can provide an extremely effective additional or alternative treatment for most health problems. Clearly, there are some conditions, such as type 1 Diabetes, in which conventional treatment must be continued, and others, like asthma or high blood pressure in which sudden withdrawal of drugs would be dangerous. But it is quite safe and still very effective to give homeopathic treatment either alongside conventional drugs or to support a gradual withdrawal after consultation with your GP.

I have lived in Ealing for 25 years and have experience of working with children on a voluntary basis in various local schools and childrens’ groups. I studied child psychology for a year, before becoming fascinated by homeopathy and deciding to train professionally.

I trained at the Centre for Homeopathic Education in London, based at the Homeopathic Hospital in Great Ormond Street, and obtained a First Class Honours degree in homeopathy (BSc) in June 2009. A significant part of my training involved attending student clinics at Ainsworth’s homeopathic pharmacy in London.

I am a registered member of the Society of Homeopaths and work to the Society’s Code of Ethics and Practice.

Jonathan H.

‘After several years of excessive travelling and long hours in my work, I was suffering from a severe stress related skin condition. Clare’s homeopathy helped to alleviate the stress and contributed to a major improvement in the condition.’